Friday, 29 August 2008

What about a cool street seat?

What do you think about getting a cool, contemporary, fun, unique street seat for HOP? It could be placed just in front of the station by our planted area. People often stand here waiting for friends or relatives to arrive by train. Wouldn't it be great to have something beautiful to sit on? Although the costs are greater than a standard wooden bench, we could have something that is totally unique, will stand the test of time and will always draw attention.

Here are just a few of Gavin Thomson's designs spotted on a London street recently.

Our personal favourite - the Giraffe!

Friday, 22 August 2008


We have raised £264 towards the cost of a COW bin to be placed at Honor Oak Park station. The cost of an 1100L bin is £422 inc VAT

Lewisham council have now agreed to pay the remaining £160 which is great news. It will take 4-6 weeks to arrive.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

An end to fly tipping at Grierson Road?

A big thank you to Pete Pattisson, Liberal Democrat councillor for Whitefoot Ward in Lewisham. He came to our planting day at HOP station and we took him to see the fly tipping trouble spot on the corner of Grierson Road. Pete took up our complaint directly with the Head of Environment at Lewisham.

The good news is that commercial waste customers will only have their bins out the night before collection and other flats will store thir bins at the rear of the property. Regular inspections are promised so hopefully no more fly tipping, smelly overflowing commercial bins.

Living on clean attractive streets is important to all of us and is not about which political party you represent.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Outside 'The Old Bank' on Grierson Road today

These images tell the horror story of continual fly tipping, overflowing bins and foul smelling commerical waste outside the Old Bank restaurant on Grierson Road. Honor Oak Park Action Group took ACTION!

This is how lovely and clean it looked at lunchtime today 100808

It's taken us a few weeks but we have succeeded in getting this area cleared up. Over recent weeks we have invited our MP Joan Ruddock, Lewisham Town Centre Manager and the Enviroment department to come and take a look for themselves at the continual problem of shop and residential waste left outside the Old Bank.

Thank you for listening to us - we appreciate it.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Moo bin update

HOPAG has contacted the suppliers of Moo moo bins. A 500 Litre bin costs £306 and an 1100 Litre bin costs £359.
The local residents of Honor Oak Park have dug deep into their pockets to raise £249 and shown that we want recycling facilities at HOP station. We can nearly afford one bin. We want Lewisham council to provide a second one - so we can have a mother and calf!
We have also contacted the local designers of the moo moo bin 'Artmongers'. We want them to provide the accompanying poster that urges people to 'feed the cows with recyclable waste'.

We now have to gain permission from Southern to place the moo moo bin outside HOP station.

Spread the word!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Moo moo bin update

We have contacted both the producers of the large 1100Litre recycling bins and the artists 'Artmongers' who came up with the moo moo design and the accompanying billboard poster. We are really close to buying 1 bin. If we can persuade Lewisham to match what we have collected we could have a further moo moo bin outside the shops.

We will send an email update in the next few days.
Plesae keep spreading the HOPAGROUP@GMAIL.COM email and the aims of the group.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Current total money raised!

Thank you to everyone who has donated in the last 5 days. We have raised an impressive £216. I shall be approaching the local businesses soon too and have asked Lewisham to match whatever we raise.

Survey coming soon
Next steps - a survey to all our members - now 23 in total. A link to the survey results will be made available to our 3 local councillors and MP Joan Ruddock. We need to have our say on how we want to improve the local area and how we think the £10,000 Crofton Ward locality fund should be spent.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

It's nearly ours!

Brockley Rise Resident's association

The chair of Brockley Rise Resident's association extends his support to us and made a very generous personal donation - thank you! He thinks Lewisham should match what we collect?

What do you think?

We now have a grand total of £127 in just 4 days.

When Brockley X Action Group told me they collected £1500 in their kick off collection I thought wow that's a huge amount but the people of Crofton Park Ward are proving just as keen for action

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Donations welcome for a moo moo recycling bin

The moo moo recycling bin has a bit of style and would give a sense of identity to the station area. These however cost £300 each. We are in the process of applying for locality funding but this is a very slow process and is down to the 3 Labour Councillors who represent our Ward to decide how the £10,000 that is available each year is spent in Crofton Park Ward.
If you were at the recent Crofton Park Ward assembly meeting you will know that 'good street and waste management' was seen as a big concern for local people. People want to live on 'attractively managed streets'.

See the latest news on the local recycling issue further down the blog.

We collected £37 during the day of the planting and a few of you suggested we set up a donation button. We have had £30 donated this way already. So we have a fantastic £67 in the kitty. Excellent!
We thought it would be a really good and easy way for the local businesses to donate too.

Recycling bin discussion

We met with the Recycling manager and the West Lewisham Town Centre Manager on Thursday to discuss the lack of recycling facilities both at the station and further down in front of the shops, and the excessive fly tipping outside the Old Bank restaurant.

Recycling at the station
Once we have the permission of Honor Oak Park station manager to place a bin outside the station (we need this because of the security risk it poses apparently) we can have one newspaper bin and one very large green recycling bin that accepts 5 materials; cans, glass, plastic, paper and card.

Fly tipping
The continual problem of fly tipping outside The Old Bank restaurant in Grierson Road remains unresolved. We have several ideas on how this could be improved. The blue commercial bin outside the old bank should be kept locked to prevent overflowing but isn't - is very old and tatty and needs updating and the several black bins alongside are also very shabby. We suggested a wooden structure is built with a ' living roof' where each bin could be concealed. We suggested replacing the several black bins with one large black bin. We will continue to work on this problem area with the town centre manager and environment manager.
This is definitely a topic for our group to discuss.

Plants are in

The plants and logs are in - lots of positive feedback from the public and the people working at the station love it too. Have been watering in with a watering can (bit of an awkward trek to and from the tap on platform 2 with a smallish watering can!) but once they are established they should settle in.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Fantastic planting day at the station

The Honor Oak Park Station makeover got off to a great start yesterday. Iris and I with much needed helping hands from local residents, Alan, Deidre, Vicki , Lucy and Steven, transferred the tonne of soil and some logs. We then set about putting in the colourful plants. We also collected £40 too and a some new members for HOPAG.

John Thompson from Greenscene has promised more planters next spring and a big planter soon.

Waste management still a big problem - outside Old Bank restaurant yesterday

The area outside the Old Bank restaurant is still a foul smelling eyesore with rubbish dumped there almost daily and now dogs are joining in and adding their poo! Local residents see this as a big problem and raised it at the local Crofton Ward assembly meeting and are raising it on our HOPAG feedback forms.

The local recycling manager has promised a green recycling bin near the station so this should help with the litter. We would like a black and white moo moo bin as they make an attractive well designed impact - but these cost around £300. So we are applying for funding from the localities fund.But we have yet to find a long term solution to the above problem area. We will continue to put pressure on Lewisham to sort this foul smelling eyesore out.