Sunday, 27 March 2011

lewisham mayor meets southwark leader!

NEWS: The mayor of Lewisham, Steve Bullock, met with the leader of Southwark council, Cllr Peter John, last week.
Cllr John reassured the mayor that Southwark are reviewing this issue and there are no immediate plans to use the Rec for burial. They also agreed to work together on longer term solutions to the limited burial space in Lewisham and Southwark.

A great start, but what is needed is a joint commitment to protect the Rec as a permanent open green space, now and for the future. The campaign will go on!

A reminder to all supporters that Southwark Council cabinet are meeting on 19 April to discuss burial options. Yes, we say that the Rec should NOT be one of those options.

So, if you haven't emailed Barrie Hargrove and the other Cabinet members, then please do so now. Tell them why the Rec should not be used for burial, why it should be protected and why you think the that free open green space is vital for our community!
email addresses below in a lower post ......

Sunday, 20 March 2011

cabinet meeting postponed until April!

The Southwark cabinet meeting to discuss burial options has been postponed until 19 April so you have a little more time to email those cabinet members below!
We still say that the Rec should not be considered as one of those options.

But why the postponement?
The comprehensive burial audit taking longer than expected?
Meaningful discussions, liaison and planning happening between neighbouring boroughs?
A realisation of the importance of local green space in our city and the need for its protection?
Or to have a consultation period that includes the Easter and Royal wedding holiday periods?!

Please start to collect any paper petitions you have put out into the community and take them to Dave Stephens at the coffee shop at Honor Oak station - thanks!

And by the way, Joan Ruddock has signed the e-petition!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

more good news and next steps!

3 Southwark councillors for Peckham Rye ward - Victoria Mills, Renata Hamvas and Gavin Edwards - have stated publicly that they support the protection of the whole Rec as a public green space. However .... there is a Southwark Cabinet meeting on 22 March where decisions will be made on burial options.

What you can do:

Step 1 email or write to the Cabinet members to tell them why the Rec is important to you and that using the Rec for burial should not be one of the options

Step 2 If you are connected to a local school or group, ask them to email or write to the Cabinet members

Time is short! Take a few minutes to do it now!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Lewisham Council backs bid to save the Rec

Good news!

Cllrs Alex Feakes and Pauline Morrison proposed and seconded the motion below, which was passed unanimously by Lewisham Council:

"The London Borough of Southwark is considering taking land from the Honor Oak Recreation Ground in order to expand Camberwell New Cemetery. The Recreation Ground is much used by residents of Forest Hill and Honor Oak, as well as Southwark residents, and the plan under consideration could result in considerable loss of local amenity and leisure space.

This council notes that the Recreation Ground has already had a substantial proportion of its original land taken in by the cemetery, and that other options are available for managing demand for burial space.

This council states its opposition to the further loss of amenity and leisure space at Honor Oak Recreation Ground and, notwithstanding any statutory consultation that may occur, calls on the Mayor to make representations to London Borough of Southwark to this effect."

This is a positive first step! Ready for the next one .........