Thursday, 26 June 2008

Crofton ward Meeting Wednesday 2nd July 7.30pm

This wednesday - 2nd July in St Hildas Church at 7.30pm there will be a Crofton Park Assembly meeting. A small group of local residents have set up the WE LOVE HONOR OAK PARK ACTION GROUP. We will talk about the small improvements that we can make that will make Honor Oak Park an even better place to live. For example we want to clear the rubbish from the front of the station and plant it up with some attractive drought tolerant plants.

We want to encourage more recycling of our rubbish. We need a proper recycling bin outside the Honor Oak Park station.

We can do better than this

We would like to improve the bins Next to the Old Bank restaurant and replace the old bins with more attractive bins like these moo bins.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Are you fed up with this?

dog poo dog poo? (we thought we would spare you a photograph!)

We need clear signs reminding people that not picking up after your dog spreads disease is anti social and degrades our community. We need dog poo bins and maybe free poop scoops and bags.

Overflowing bins are an eyesore - we need to encourage more recycling and at least a more attractive way of storing these bins.

Fly tipping - a continual issue - need some help here with a permanent solution.

Getting the basics right with our streets is the single most important thing that we (residents, businesses and the Council) can do to regenerate our area:
Collecting litter (and not dropping it in the first place)
Reducing refuse bins through more effective waste management (or hiding them)
Choosing good quality street furniture (benches, railings, bins, etc) and then looking after them
Reducing unnecessary clutter (especially pointless signs)
Putting some effort in to shop fronts (and then supporting the shops that do)
Planting flowers (and maintaining them)

We love honor oak park - help us keep it special