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Honor Oak has great shops and restaurants too!

We were waiting for a sunny day to photograph all of Honor Oak's great shops that are serving its local people. We have an idea to feature them on a billboard poster near the station if we succeed in getting locality funding. This would promote them and help visitors know what's in the area and be a colourful attractive addition.

It could look something like this great poster outside a bakery in dorset

But in case you didn't know what you had on your doorstep - here are just a few: Babur - award winning Indian restaurant, The Old Bank - Italian, Tapastry - Spanish, Neroli - beauty, Jumping Bean, great well stocked gift, The pine furniture store, Yam Hill on Brockly rise - health food, Il Querce - great Sicilian restaurant serving home cooked dishes, Attractions Hair, Mclarens cafe 'a fantastic cafe, serving really great fresh food, not your average cafe' quote from one of our members, Med deli - all sorts of health food, fresh organic veg and home cooked food

Brockley Central blog
We've been mentioned on the Brockley Central blog. Our last post featuring Brockley's great new delis and cafes has provoked lots of positive feedback on their blog about what HOPAG is doing.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

REGENERATION of closed shops in Honor Oak

Brockley has 3 delis, a well stocked health food shop and two cafes all within metres of Brockley station. In stark contrast, 3 of our local shops have been closed since Xmas 2007. This gives our high street a run down, neglected scruffy feel. We need more attractive, well-stocked, well-run shops like Brockley, that stock things that local people want to buy on a daily basis.

What kind of local shops would you like to have? Contact your local councillor to make your feelings known if you want things to change.

Brockley's wonderful attractive shops