Thursday, 10 July 2008

We can improve Honor Oak

Local resident Action Groups are making a big difference to local communities and businesses. Small changes can have a big impact. A few years ago some local residents formed the Brockley X Action Group - they have made a huge difference to the quality of life around Brockley station. They have successfully negotiated with both the council and railway and now the area has been rid of rubbish and replaced with a lovely planted area and attractive recycling bins. Now when arriving at Brockley Station you feel a real community spirit with great Deli's , coffee bars, health food shops and a lovely garden at the station - it's an attractive and thriving community.

Brockley Station
The group has also successfully negotiated with the council and railway to get the railway bridge cleaned and netted and launched a campaign to re-open the high-level railway station.

Hither Green - another success story

Another space that has been tackled by locals is Hither Green Station. The local businesses and local residents formed the Staplehurst Road group started to make improvements around the Station by planting up large planters and got Lewisham Council to improve the station with hanging baskets and close the road when they have their annual fundraising fete.

Now it's our turn to improve Honor Oak!

Fundraising to make a difference at Honor Oak starting soon!!