Sunday, 3 October 2010

When pressure from thousands of tones of illegally dumped waste began to threaten the stability of a railway cutting, the London Borough of Southwark was advised to begin clearing the site earlier this year. Friends of Honor Oak Park green space met with Southwark Council to find out their short and long term plans for this newly cleared space. We think this is a great opportunity to create something wonderful, beautfiul and sustainable. We want them to restore what was once a haven for wildlife and a peaceful site and to give this space back to the community.

Southwarks plans are to review thier burial provision which may involve extending the cemetery, but land for burial in London has run out. We have to think of better and sustainable ways of creating burial places. Honor Oak Park creation ground is a well used placed used by the local community and other visitors. We would like to create a better enviroment for those who live closeby.

The planet needs more broadleaf trees to help stem the deterioration of our atmosphere and many Woodland Burial Grounds achieve this by planting a tree in remembrance of a loved one, instead of a traditional stone memorial. The planting of a tree not only adds to the natural beauty of the countryside, but it also aids in the fight against global warming thus providing the natural habitat for insects, birds and other wildlife.