Thursday, 21 July 2011

burial consultation! everyone respond!

The long awaited burial consultation from Southwark Council has been launched!
EVERYONE who values open spaces can respond!

No matter WHERE you live - Southwark or Lewisham!

All residents - Southwark and Lewisham - living within a 1 km radius of the cemeteries should receive a questionnaire through the post this week.
If you don't , then contact

BUT we have to say that the questionnaire is deeply flawed.
We asked to be involved in its compilation but this did not happen.
The Friends group have had the questionnaire analysed by an independent social survey professional and his report will be publicised shortly on the blog.

However, it is what it is!
So this is what you can do:
If you wish to preserve this green space now and for future generations,
please respond to the survey NOW - it only takes ten minutes!

As a supporter of the Recreation Ground, you will want to make a return which conveys to Southwark Council the message that no part of the Rec should ever be used for burial

The best way to do this is to use any available comment space to say that the priority for the whole community is to protect valuable open green space and that no more of the Rec should be used for burial.

There may be varying views on this, and we understand this is a personal issue but tactically you may wish to consider the following to give the Rec a better chance:

Q3   tick for  cremation
Q5   No   (to continue burial in Southwark)
        followed in 5a with a comment about how important the Rec is for the living .....
Q6   G - Use the Rec   8    (the least favoured point on the given scale)

However, if you don't feel you can do this - you may be pro burial but not in Honor Oak Rec -
then you will have to find another way of getting your message across on the questionnaire!

How to find the questionnaire:
1.    on line  
cemeteries consultation questionnaire
2.    the cemetery office
3.    the coffee shop at Honor Oak Park station

Save a stamp! Paper questionnaires can be left at the coffee shop and we will get them to Southwark!

Go to one of the public events
There are 3 planned by Southwark to present the burial options, give people an opportunity to ask questions, get some answers, put forward their views and complete the questionnaire

1. Saturday 30 July 1 pm - 3.00 pm
in a marquee at Honor Oak Recreation ground

2. Friday 12 August 5.30 - 8 pm
at the Southwark Council offices in Tooley St

3. Saturday 10 September 1 pm - 4 pm
again in a marquee at Honor Oak Recreation ground

email the Southwark cabinet members or your local councillors expressing your views about how vital the Rec is to the local community
(email addresses further down the blog)
We can make our views known and be counted!
Pass this onto all your friends and contacts and let's get the message across to Southwark Council that the community do not want any part of the Rec used for burial, now and in the future!