Sunday, 20 February 2011

sunday 27 feb: support continues to grow!

community support:
We have well over a thousand signatures on the e-petition and there are many posters and paper petitions out there in shops, cafes, stations, churches, community groups, schools and school councils .......

If you want to sign the e-petition, print any posters or petitions, click on that link on the right .......

Keep spreading the word and gaining support! People really care about this open space!
They want it kept now and for the future!

We don't need to wait for some sort of consultation - we are letting Southwark Council know now!

After all, Barrie Hargrove spoke on BBC London News saying: "We've now reached the point where Southwark cemeteries are almost full and we need to consider different options and one of the options is to reclaim the Recreation Ground."

media stuff:
We had lots of great coverage on BBC London News, Radio 4 Today programme and the South London Press.
This is all now easily available for you to look at on our new Media page - click on the Media link on the right ........

And keep a look out in the New Shopper, Southwark News and SE23 Forum

council business:
We hear that the Southwark Council meeting to discuss burial options has been put back to the end of March. We understand that this will be informed by a burial audit but we are still waiting to find out more details. It isn't for want of trying ......

Meanwhile, in Lewisham, Cllr John Bowen has informed the Friends group he intends to put forward the following motion at the next Lewisham Council meeting on 1 March:

"The London Borough of Southwark is considering taking land from the Honor Oak Recreation Ground in order to expand Camberwell New Cemetery. The Recreation Ground is much used by residents of Forest Hill and Honor Oak, as well as Southwark residents, and the plan under consideration could result in considerable loss of local amenity and leisure space.

This council notes that the Recreation Ground has already had a substantial proportion of its original land taken in by the cemetery, and that other options are available for managing demand for burial space.

This council states its opposition to the further loss of amenity and leisure space at Honor Oak Recreation Ground and, notwithstanding any statutory consultation that may occur, calls on the Mayor to make representations to London Borough of Southwark to this effect."

John Bowen (Liberal Democrats, Crofton Park Ward)

If you are a Lewisham resident,
write to your councillors calling on them to support this motion without reservation.

If you are a Southwark resident, write to your councillors and let them know what you think!

This is not a party political issue or a single borough issue but one that affects everybody who lives near to or uses the Recreation Ground!