Saturday, 5 February 2011

Our Recreation Ground under threat - We need you!


(Formerly Friends of Honor Oak Park FOHOP;
Formerly Honor Oak Park Action Group, HOPAG)

We had to change our name once again to keep up with the changing fortunes and challenges our beloved Honor Oak Park continues to face.

Our Honor Oak Park Recreation Ground is under threat as Southwark Council faces pressure to provide cemetery/burial provision. Southwark has only one year's supply of spaces for burials.

This is the alarming suggestion taken from James Barber’s blog, Lib Deb Councillor for East Dulwich:

“Second option is to use an adjacent sports playing field giving another 25 years of burial plots.”

These are the questions we are asking Southwark council
  • When is audit of burial space in Southwark being carried out? When can we see this burial audit?
  • We understand that the next area destined for burials is the old Nursery site near the road which is being prepared now..Information is that this will only last 12 months or so at the current rate of burial. Is this correct? Then what?
  • We have just learnt that there is to be a meeting in February. What will happen at this meeting?
  • What are Southwark Council’s long term sustainable plans for burial?
  • When is the full public consultation planned for?
  • Who will be consulted and how? And what is the timescale?
  • We want Lewisham councillors to be involved as this is an important neglected border site that has a huge impact on Lewisham residents and most importantly local children
If you are a Lewisham resident please contact/email/write to your local ward councillor, tell them how you feel about this. How you use the recreation ground and what it means to you as your local green space. But also we need to tell Southwark Council how we feel too, see below,

If you are a Southwark resident and you use this green space please help us apply pressure on Southwark Council. We value your suppport.

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