Saturday, 2 August 2008

Donations welcome for a moo moo recycling bin

The moo moo recycling bin has a bit of style and would give a sense of identity to the station area. These however cost £300 each. We are in the process of applying for locality funding but this is a very slow process and is down to the 3 Labour Councillors who represent our Ward to decide how the £10,000 that is available each year is spent in Crofton Park Ward.
If you were at the recent Crofton Park Ward assembly meeting you will know that 'good street and waste management' was seen as a big concern for local people. People want to live on 'attractively managed streets'.

See the latest news on the local recycling issue further down the blog.

We collected £37 during the day of the planting and a few of you suggested we set up a donation button. We have had £30 donated this way already. So we have a fantastic £67 in the kitty. Excellent!
We thought it would be a really good and easy way for the local businesses to donate too.