Saturday, 2 August 2008

Recycling bin discussion

We met with the Recycling manager and the West Lewisham Town Centre Manager on Thursday to discuss the lack of recycling facilities both at the station and further down in front of the shops, and the excessive fly tipping outside the Old Bank restaurant.

Recycling at the station
Once we have the permission of Honor Oak Park station manager to place a bin outside the station (we need this because of the security risk it poses apparently) we can have one newspaper bin and one very large green recycling bin that accepts 5 materials; cans, glass, plastic, paper and card.

Fly tipping
The continual problem of fly tipping outside The Old Bank restaurant in Grierson Road remains unresolved. We have several ideas on how this could be improved. The blue commercial bin outside the old bank should be kept locked to prevent overflowing but isn't - is very old and tatty and needs updating and the several black bins alongside are also very shabby. We suggested a wooden structure is built with a ' living roof' where each bin could be concealed. We suggested replacing the several black bins with one large black bin. We will continue to work on this problem area with the town centre manager and environment manager.
This is definitely a topic for our group to discuss.