Friday, 1 August 2008

Fantastic planting day at the station

The Honor Oak Park Station makeover got off to a great start yesterday. Iris and I with much needed helping hands from local residents, Alan, Deidre, Vicki , Lucy and Steven, transferred the tonne of soil and some logs. We then set about putting in the colourful plants. We also collected £40 too and a some new members for HOPAG.

John Thompson from Greenscene has promised more planters next spring and a big planter soon.

Waste management still a big problem - outside Old Bank restaurant yesterday

The area outside the Old Bank restaurant is still a foul smelling eyesore with rubbish dumped there almost daily and now dogs are joining in and adding their poo! Local residents see this as a big problem and raised it at the local Crofton Ward assembly meeting and are raising it on our HOPAG feedback forms.

The local recycling manager has promised a green recycling bin near the station so this should help with the litter. We would like a black and white moo moo bin as they make an attractive well designed impact - but these cost around £300. So we are applying for funding from the localities fund.But we have yet to find a long term solution to the above problem area. We will continue to put pressure on Lewisham to sort this foul smelling eyesore out.